Water & Sewer

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my water

Albion's water is sometimes discolored by iron and manganese deposits. The water is treated with fluoride (for dental health), chlorine (to make it safe to drink) and polyphosphates (to cut down on flecks and rust). The City is currently exploring options to improve Albion's water supply.

Why is my water bill suddenly so high?

Normally there is not a problem with the water meter or the meter reading. Most often, there is a problem in your home that you may not become aware of until your quarterly bill arrives. Those problems most commonly include a leaky or running toilet, a leaky faucet or leaking sprinkler hook-ups, or a water softener that cycles improperly. Check in and around your home if you notice a sudden increase in your bill. If you still cannot locate the problem, call the Water Department at 517-629-7866.

What happens if my water bill payment is late?

You have about 30 days to pay your water bill without penalty. After the due date the city adds a 10% late fee and the City waits about two more weeks to receive your payment. If payment isn't received, you will be sent a Shut-Off Notice. You must then make a payment or payment arrangements by 5 p.m. on the date listed on the Shut-Off Notice or Door Hanger to avoid having a service charge imposed and your service shut off. We cannot make payment arrangements after the PM deadline date. If you come in on the Shut-Off date, you will be too late. A $50 Water Shut-Off Process Charge is imposed if you  miss that 5 p.m. deadline regardless of whether or not your water is turned off. This charge is to cover the costs of the shut off process, notices sent, and personal visits to your home by the water staff. This is not a fee simply because your water is turned off. If your water is turned off, you will have to pay all balances outstanding including the $50 process charge prior to the water being turned back on.

What about a sewer credit for watering my grass and garden in the summer?

Those homeowners who water their gardens and lawns during the summer can receive a credit for the corresponding unused sewer portion of their water bill. They need to fill out and submit a form obtained at City Hall. This program is only offered for usage between May 1st - August 31st and the form is due back to City Hall the first week in September to be credited on the next water bill.

What if my sewer backs up?

Sewer backups are occasionally caused by problems with the main sewer line, but more commonly the problem occurs in the line between a residence and the main line. If the problem is in the main line, the City will fix it, and a homeowner may submit a claim to the City if there is any damage resulting from that type of backup. If the problem is in the line between the residence and the main line, the homeowner is responsible for repairs and should contact a private plumber. Many sewer problems are preventable; frequently they are caused by foreign objects being flushed down toilets. In sewer emergencies, call (517) 629-5535 or if after hours (517) 812-4178.