Street Department

Street Dept


 The primary mission of the Albion Street Department is to provide 
a safe and maintained road network. We strive to give the citizens of 
Albion the most cost-effective and competent service, while doing 
our utmost to be responsive to the citizen's concerns and requests in a 
timely manner.

Located at 12980 27 Mile Road, the department consists of 6 full time 
employees; and a Mechanic.


 The Street Department has a diversity of responsibilities. These include 
repair and maintenance of 54 miles of streets; install street 
name signs, regulatory and warnings signs, and various informational 
signs; debris removal and grass cutting, and leaf pickup, Christmas tree’s
pickup; tree trimming and removal, tree dump operation, Maintaining
and repairing of stormwater sewer’s maintained and repaired,
snow and ice control and street sweeping cleaning.


street lighting

Street Light Out

To report street light outages call Consumer’s Energy (800)-805-0490 or visit their

 filling in potholes

Pot Holes or Debris in the Road

Please call the Street Dept at (517) 629-3610. Let us know the location
and traveling direction of the pothole or where the debris is located.

Trees between Sidewalks

Trees located between the Curb & Sidewalk

The trees that are located between the curb and the sidewalk are the
responsibility of the City of Albion. Trees that are behind the sidewalk
is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Street Snow Removal

Snow Removal

 The purpose of the Snow and Ice Control Program is
to keep traffic within the City of Albion moving as safely
as possible. There are 55 miles of streets in the City.
All main thoroughfares must be kept open to provide a 
transportation system for police, fire emergencies, and
the majority of traffic. The city policy is as follows: When
 snow accumulation reaches (2 inches or more) the city
 salts and plows all streets. Less than 2" the city only
salts main and secondary stop signs streets
including steep grade areas and dangerous curves. The
City does not salt secondary streets unless conditions
necessitate action to maintain safety.

Plowing - Safety Tips for residents during snow removal

Do not pull out in front of a snowplow truck.
Plow trucks push snow to the passenger side of the truck.
attempt to pass a plow truck on the right side.
Stay back at least 200 feet from the trucks that are plowing or spreading salt.

Plow trucks often have to back up. Do not pull directly behind a plow 
truck. There may be blind spots in the mirrors and the driver may not 
be able to see you.



Due to priorities and staffing levels. City personnel do not provide
driveway clearing.

The elderly and individuals with health problems should make
arrangements for driveway clearing prior to snow season.



City snowplow operators make every effort to push snow as close to the
curb as possible to provide access to mailboxes for postal carriers. The
final clearing adjacent to mailboxes is the responsibility of each resident.

Homeowners should be aware that the U. S. Postal Service is not
required to deliver mail if a mailbox area is not cleared.



The City of Albion Street Department would like to remind
residents that it is unlawful to dispose of any matter such as leaves or
grass clippings on any public property which includes City streets.

Private and/or commercial signs cannot be placed in the City right-of-way.
Generally speaking, the right-of-way is the area of land between the road
edge and the sidewalk. For areas that have no sidewalk, it is
recommended that you call the Street Department at (517) 629-3610 to
determine the right-at-way width.