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RecThe City of Albion's Recreational Activities is now provided by the YMCA Battle Creek, with various events hosted at Washington Gardner, the Bohm Theatre, and many outdoor locations throughout Albion. These activities within the community are geared to enhance the cultural, psychological, social, physical, and educational well-being of the residents of Albion. Our mission is to get residents involved in healthier lifestyles and habits that foster a more vibrate, engaged and productive community.

COST: Free to Albion Residents (made possible through City of Albion Recreation/Battle Creek Family YMCA partnership) $5 for non-residents

WHO:  Anyone & Family Friendly (children under 16 must have a parent present)
SIZE:  Up to 25 Participants per class
(masks required indoors)
WHERE: Washington Gardner, 401 East Michigan Ave., Enter through the west door off Berrien St. Free Parking available on Berrien.
We are also hosting events at the Bohm Theatre, throughout the
City of Albion Parks and outdoor lots.  Please join us!

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Walking into this new week of wellness, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on how you respond to unexpected life events (like snow in the middle of APRIL). We all have natural responses to the unexpected however I encourage you to think on if your responses are typically negative or positive. Now, take a moment to think of ways you can change the automated negative responses like-"I hate the snow it's too cold" to something positive such as "Today is a good day to wear my favorite sweater, one last time". Although, it may seem small it's those small changes that overtime alter our overall outlook on life. Have an amazing week of wellness!

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Calhoun County, MI Parks & Recreation Department 

The Albion Recreation Department can be found on Facebook.

Rec. Desk Registration and Information

Historically the Albion Recreation Departments primary emphasis has been to provide activities for youth between the ages of 4 and 14 years of age. As the City changes demographically, the Recreation Department has and continues to explore programming to meet the recreational needs of the entire Albion Community.

The Albion Recreation Department, through partnerships with Marshall Public Schools, Albion College, The Battle Creek YMCA and other non - profit organizations utilizes a wide array of facilities within the city to provide programming for it's residents. This enables the Recreation Department to offer highly successful programs such as Mommy and Me Swimming; Water Aerobics; The Annual Easter Egg Hunt; The Daddy Daughter Dance; Summer Dreams Enrichment Camp; Peapod Summer Camp; Youth Football; Youth Basketball; Music in the Park; Free Movie and Lunch at the Bohm Theatre; The Community Bike Ride Program; T-Ball (which originated in Albion by then Recreation Director Jerry Sacharski) and more to the community.

While the primary goal of the City Recreation Department is to engage residents in leisure activities and to provide healthy lifestyle choices, we also understand and accept the responsibility to prepare our school-age youth for the educational and behavioral expectations of high school and beyond. To this end, many youth programs require that participants meet an academic and behavior standard to participate.

The City of Albion Recreation Department is funded through a Special Recreation Millage, part of which helps fund The Forks Senior Center. The Recreation Departments budget is augmented by grant funding, private donations, and program fees.

Welcome to May!  As we all know very well every new month provides us with new challenges as well as opportunities however it is up to us to decide what we dwell on. This week let's not focus on the challenges of the past but the many great opportunities yet to come. with that being said, let's dive into the amazing FREE fitness opportunities the Y has for you!


Highlights from last week

  • Boxing with Jaquil continues to grow as he provides a full body workout while having fun!

Fun Fact of the Week

Looking Forward

  • Join us this Friday starting at 9:30am at Washington Gardner as Silverstars continue to grow strong
  • Our schedule has changed, Be sure to check out our new May calendar attached to this email.

Plan your Week

  • Boxing with Jaquil has a NEW time! Join us Saturdays at 11am at Washington Gardner (see attached flyer)
  • Open Family Swim will be canceled until further notice due to lifeguard availability. If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a lifeguard, please let us know at
  • Join us for Cardio Drumming every Wednesday at Washington Gardner starting at 6pm!
  • Covid 19 Update: You are NOT required to wear a mask once engaged in physical activity.
  • Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on schedules, and to see pictures at: Battle Creek Family YMCA


Quote of the Week: 

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today” 


Albion YMCA Recreation

Respectively operated by YMCA Battle Creek 
Jill Hinde

Albion Recreation Manager to be announced soon!
Contact with any questions.