Site Plan Review

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Pre-Application Meeting/Conceptual Site Plan Review
It is highly recommended that before submitting an application for a variance, land use permit, or any other permit, that you meet with the Director of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement so they can guide you in the right direction and save time on both ends.
Prior to beginning any land use, construction project, or similar project in the City of Albion, developers must apply for and receive proper permits. The purpose of a conceptual site plan review is to allow for an informal consultation and cooperation between the developer and the City of Albion on a proposal prior to a substantial commitment of time and expense on the part of the applicant in preparing a site plan. Applicants are welcome to reach out to the Planning Department with any questions during the application process.

Developments Requiring Administrative Approval
All other projects not specified as a major project are either minor projects subject to review and approval by the Planning Department or amendments to existing site plans. The Planning Department may review and approve minor site plans without their submission to the Planning Commission. The Planning Department shall apply all applicable standards and procedures of the Zoning Ordinance in approving, conditionally approving, or denying site plans.

Developments Requiring Planning Commission Approval
All non-residential developments greater than 10,000 square feet of structure, or larger than 2-1/2 acres in size, and all PUD’s are major projects which require preliminary site plan review by the Planning Commission.

Site Plan Review Application - Major Projects
Site Plan Review Application - Minor Projects

Fee for Site Plan Review: 
$250 + Consultant Fees (City Manager can adjust fee for smaller rehab projects)
Fee for Subdivision/Site Condo/PUD Site Plan Review: $350 + Consultant Fees