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directoryAlbion City Hall Administration, Staff and Council              Main Line: 517-629-5535

City Council
 Name   Title Phone #  Email Address
Vicky Garcia Snyder Mayor 630-1345
  Precinct 1 Council Member    
Lenn Reid Precinct 2 Council Member 629-2283
Nora Jackson Precinct 3 Council Member & Mayor Pro-Tem 810-545-7045
Marcola Lawler Precinct 4 Council Member 206-4252
Linda LaNoue Precinct 5 Council Member 313-312-4282
Shane Williamson Precinct 6 Council Member 499-6457
Cullen Harkness City Attorney 517-381-2461
City Manager      
Haley Snyder City Manager 629-7172
Public Safety      
Scott Kipp Chief of Public Safety 629-2473
Caresha Kendrick Admin Asst, Chief of Public Safety 629-7176
Jason Kern Deputy Chief of Public Safety 629-7827
Mike Kolassa Lieutenant 629-7193
Bill Timmins Sergeant  629-7826
Aaron Phipps Sergeant  629-7825
Nicole Wygant Detective/Sergeant 629-7824
Code Enforcement      
Nate Clark Code Enforcement 629-7178
Public Services      
Patrick Miller Director of Public Services 629-7200
  Superintendent of Public Utilities    
Kevin O'Brien Superintendent of Public Works 204-8963
Bonnie Edmonds Administrative Assistant to Public Services 629-7863
Luna Musser City Custodian
Building & Planning      
Ian Arnold Director of Planning & Building 629-7189
Jill Domingo City Clerk 629-7864
Tom Mead Finance Director/Treasurer 629-7853
Pamela Beck  Deputy Clerk/Treasurer 629-7887
Eric Tobin Income Tax Accountant 629-7865
Connie Brock Payroll Accountant 629-7543
Lindsey Collins Utility Billing, Accounts Payable/Receivable 629-7866
Liz Loomis General Accountant 629-7202
Joshua Cunningham City Assessor 629-7192