Cardboard Classic Sled Race

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Cardboard Classic

Pre-registration is now open for the Albion, MI Cardboard Classic Sled Race! Visit Select "programs", scroll to "27th Annual Albion Cardboard Classic Sled Race", click "register". If you are new to RecDesk, you will need to create an account. The event is free and open to all ages!

Sled Rules:
Safety and fun are our objectives! Please follow these rules to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience!

Cardboard is available at the Albion Fire Station while supplies last for those who need it!
• Your sled must pass inspection in order to be allowed on the hill....
• Your sled must be free of sharp edges, pointy objects or any other feature that may be deemed as dangerous by the inspectors. If you are unable to remove such objects from your sled, you will not be allowed to race.
• Only corrugated cardboard may be used. (
You may not use the following: corrugated plastic or other corrugated materials; cardboard that is bonded to other materials; or epoxy reinforced cardboard. If there is any doubt, don’t use it.)
• Tapes and glues may be used to hold your sled together. (You may not use the following: tar-based substances; epoxy glue; fiberglass resin; two-part varnishes or any other two-part substances; glues that harden into solids; screws or any sort or material, mechanical fasteners; nails; staples; or any other material that may be deemed dangerous or may potentially leave hazardous debris on the hill.)
• Your sled may not be wrapped in plastic, tape, shrink wrap or anything else.
• All sleds must be removed from the park and properly disposed of following the race.

• All sleds must be registered in order to participate.
• The pilot must have read and understand the rules.
• All riders must have read and understand the rules.
• If you do not pass inspection, you may not be allowed to participate or may not be allowed on the hill at all.
• All occupants of the sled 12 and under category MUST provide and wear protective head gear (i.e. bicycle helmet, ski helmet, etc.)
• No more than 3 occupants will be permitted on your sled at any time.
• To qualify as a finisher, you must be in or on your sled rather than chasing it or being chased by it as you come across the finish line.
• Winners will be determined by fastest times overall
• If you wish to race against someone special, we will attempt to place you together in a heat. Please let us know in advance.