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To make rules and regulations as necessary for the proper operation of the Albion District Library.

On April 1, 2007 the Albion District Library was established between the City of Albion, Albion Township and the Albion Public Schools under the authority of the District Library Establishment Act (MCL 397.171 et seq) as amended. The Albion District Library is governed by a Board consisting of seven (7) members. The Albion City Council appoints three (3) Board members. The Albion Township Board and the Board of Education of the Albion Public Schools each appoint two (2) Board members. An individual appointed as a Board member shall be a qualified elector of the participating municipality that appoints the member on the date the appointment is made. This Board has the statutory power to own, operate and maintain the District Library facilities.

Seven (7) voting members: 3 City of Albion, 2 Albion Township and 2 Albion Public Schools.

Members appointed must be qualified electors of the participating municipality that makes the appointment.

Four years.

Monthly – Third Thursday at 6:00 p.m.



Albion district Library

Board of Trustees 2018

Amended April 2018

Carolyn Gilg, President
16445 29 Mile Rd., Albion, MI 49224
517-250-1779 /
Term Expires 12-31-2019
Represents: School District

Kim Arndts, Vice President
405 E. Erie St., Albion, MI 49224
629-9262 /
Term Expires 12-31-2021
Represents: School District

James Seidl, Treasurer
10966 29 Mile Rd., Albion, MI 49224
629-5736 /
Term Expires 12-31-2018
Represents: Albion Township

Vickie Brown, Secretary
10885 25 ½ Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224
629-4873 /
Term Expires 12-31-2020
Represents: Albion Township

Dixie Grant, Trustee
812 Carson St., Albion, MI 49224
Term Expires 12-31-2022
629-8527 /
Represents: City of Albion

Jess Roberts, Trustee
915 S. Superior St., Albion, MI 49224
629-3514 /
Term Expires 12-31-2019
Represents: City of Albion

William Rafaill, Trustee
203 Irwin Ave., Albion MI 49224
517-630-0035 /
Term Expires 12-31-2021
Represents: City of Albion