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Now Open Wednesday and Saturdays

In an effort to reduce contamination and improve the quality of the recycled material generated by the recycling center, the Albion drop-off center is transitioning into a manned recycling center with limited hours of operation. This will help insure that a steady stream of recyclers pass through the site during our hours of operation. Recyclers will bring their presorted items to the center during the hours of operation and leave them with the staff and volunteers to load. The recyclables will be placed into item specific collection containers at the center which will not be available for public use when the center is closed. In an effort to keep the recycling center safe and clean, it will be under video surveillance.

Use of the center will be limited to the hours of operation. No appointments are necessary, simply pull in and let the staff unload your items from your vehicle. Recyclers will be asked to take items that are not accepted at the center home with them. 

The following items will be accepted at the recycling center:

  • Cardboard
  • Boxboard
  • Clear glass (no colors)
  • Tin cans (remove label)
  • Aluminum (please crush)
  • Newspaper
  • Junk mail
  • Phonebooks
  • Office paper
  • Magazines
  • # 1 PET plastic bottles/rigid containers
  • #2 HDPE plastic – natural (milk jugs)
  • #2 HDPE plastic – colored
  • #3-7 Plastic mixed rigid containers (No bags or shrink wrap)
  • Vinyl siding
  • Styrofoam
  • Household batteries 


Pre-Sort: To make recycling at the center efficient, please bring your recycling to the center already sorted. For example, separate your water bottles into their own container, milk jugs into their own container, detergent bottles in their own container, cans into their own container, clear glass bottles into their own container, and divide the paper items up likewise. That will allow staff to quickly place items in the correct bins and help move traffic through the recycling center. 

Reusable Containers: Please place your items in paper bags, cardboard boxes, or reusable recycling bins. Reusable containers will be returned during your visit. All bottles and cans need to be rinsed clean, and tin cans must have their labels removed. 

Styrofoam (#6): County residents will be able to drop off Styrofoam (Polystyrene) at the Albion Recycling Center. Typically it has the number 6 embossed on the material. Polystyrene is used in foam cups, plates, egg cartons, and packing material. Foam packing peanuts and construction foam cannot be accepted as they are made out of a different type of foam.

Clean: All material brought to the recycling center must be clean. Dirty or soiled material cannot be accepted.

Household Batteries: Household batteries should be separated by type. Place lithium and non-lithium batteries into separate containers.

The following items will NOT BE ACCEPTED at the new recycling center:

  • plastic bags or plastic film
  • grocery bags, animal feed bags, soil bags, mulch bags, water softener bags, and plastic film used to package cases of water bottles or soda cans
  • Motor oil, insecticide, herbicide, or hazardous chemical containers
  • no colored glass or window glass
  • Appliances, electronics, tires, and household hazardous waste (only be accepted at special designated county-wide collections).

The Albion Recycling Center is paid for through the host agreement tipping fees generated from the C & C Landfill.

The Albion Recycling Center joins the County’s other recycling center located at the:

Calhoun County Road Department 
13300 15 Mile Rd., Marshall

and the one weekend a month recycling centers located at the:

  • Bedford Charter Township Office (2nd Saturday of the month)
  • Clarence Township Office (3rd Saturday of the month)
  • Athens Village Office (3rd Saturday of the month)
  • Pennfield Township Office (4th Saturday of the month). 

For further information please contact the Calhoun County Public Health Department at (269) 969-6341.

Albion Recycling Center
216 N. Eaton Street
Albion, MI  49224

Hours of Operation:
Monday:          10am - 2pm
Wednesday:      2pm - 6pm
Saturday:         10am - 2pm

Open to all Calhoun county residents